Production Molding

Production Molding

At Cross Technology Inc. we offer plastic injection molding solutions for production molding.  We have experience running a variety of mold sizes that range from single-cavity, three-plate designs to multi-cavity expandable designs with hot runners.  We can utilize a broad spectrum of resins in our state-of-the-art Cincinnati Milacron and Rubbermate presses with highly-trained plastic molding technicians.  These resins include LCP, PBT, PET, PEEK, polycarbonates and high-temperature nylons to name just a few.

At Cross Technology Inc. we can provide options for maintaining your tooling while it is being utilized.

We offer machine shop services with onsite mold repair and an onsite service shop.

Horizontal & Vertical Presses:

  • Conventional Molding (55-225 Tons)
  • Elastomeric & Rubber Molding (12″ Length Up to 250 Tons)